Master Your Move with City Moves' Step-by-Step Guide: FAQs and Week-by-Week Tips!

Moving house doesn't have to be overwhelming. Our comprehensive moving guide is your ultimate companion for a smooth transition. Packed with popular FAQs and a week-by-week breakdown of optimized tasks, we ensure nothing is left to chance. From planning to settling in, trust City Moves to make your move effortless and stress-free. Download our guide today and experience moving made easy! 


City Moves offers you the choice of a Full | Self | Fragile | Export Packing/Wrapping Service, if however, you decide to pack your properties goods yourself, we can supply you with all your packaging materials needed. Please visit out Online Store and you will be able to find all types of packing materials to help you with your move. Once you have found the goods that you need you can make a secure payment, online and your order is normally dispatched within 24Hours, as long as you have not missed the cut off point of 11am.

Moving can be a very stressful experience and we know that there is alot to do and remember, so City Moves have listed a few reminders of companies etc…that would need to be notified of your relocation.

  • Post Office
  • Doctors
  • Dentist
  • Vet
  • Pharmacy
  • School/s
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks & Other Financial Institutions
  • Current & Credit Accounts
  • Savings
  • Local Authorities – Councils
  • Loans
  • Mail Orders
  • Subscriptions
  • Book Clubs
  • Travel/Auto Clubs
  • Church
  • Crediors
  • Utility Suppliers – Gas, Electric & Water
  • Telephone
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Cable/Satellite Provider
  • TV Licence
  • Others if applicable

Call our National Hotline – 08000 302090, where a trained member of staff will be able to arrange a suitable time & date for one of our surveyors to visit you at your property and offer you a FREE quotation, with no obligation to use our services. If you are looking for a ‘Rough’ idea of costs please feel free to follow the link for our Volume Calculator and once you have submitted your information, we will work out the structure of your relocation and call/email you with an approximate quote, based on the list that you provide.

We recommend that you give a minimum of 14 days notice, however, City Moves can appreciate that this is not always possible and we are often able to meet your requirements when notice is less than 7 days. Ideally, as soon as you have been given your exchange dates it is always a good idea to confirm these dates with us.

City Moves do not ask for any deposit, all we do is take the payment method from you, on the day of booking you in to our system, as a guarantee. We normally process all payments 24-48 hours before your relocation date and bring all paperwork, invoice & receipts out on the move day. City Moves can accept cash payments on day of move, if previously arranged along with bank transfers (TT) and BACS payments, direct in to our account. Please note that all payments would need to be cleared funds before we carry out your relocation, City Moves will NOT be liable for any costs/charges incurred due to unavailable funds.

Yes! In todays market, storage has become an increasingly important role in to play. If you are unable to move directly in to your new property or you are clearing out (decluttering) to present your property ready to market, making space for an extension or need a complete collection service before your move date not to lose the sale of your current house we have tailor made option just for you. If you would like to have more information on our service or discuss this in further detail please feel free to call our helpful staff on 08000 302090.

If you wish to perform a ‘Self Packing’ service we will provide you with a Free House Moving Pack (size of pack will depend on the size of your property) If you do find that you are in need of further packing materials please visit our Online Packing Store, where you will be able to find and purchase all types of materials needed for your move. City Moves do however strongly recommend that you take advantage of our Professional Packing Service, which we will be happy to offer you a tailor made package dependant on your requirements.

Please see (listed below) a brief break down of all of the jobs and reminders of important things, that may have slipped your mind because let’s face it…this is a stressful time and City Moves are here to help!

4 Weeks Before Moving

4 Weeks before your move date, here are some things to think about.

  • File a change of address form with the Post Office, for each person receiving mail at your property address.
  • Notify creditors, magazines or any other subscriptions, of your new address.
  • Contact your doctors & dentists for your family’s medical records. This is an easy process. Ask your physicians for colleague, recommendations, in your new City/Town.
  • Get copies of renewable prescriptions.
  • Decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity. Consider having a garage sale/boot sale or giving to family members.
  • Complete a home inventory, listing each possession, date of purchase and the value. We will supply you with forms, if needed.
  • Notify your local utilities to have your service turned off (re-assigned to new property) after your relocation date.
  • Contact utilities at your new home, for new connections.

3 Weeks Before Moving

3 Weeks before your move date, time to get organised.

  • Decide which items you will pack and request delivery of packing materials, ready for the move.
  • Sketch out floor plan of your new property to determine placement of furniture and box allocation.
  • Make a list of names, addresses and numbers that you will want/need to remember. Always best to be well prepared.
  • Pack your local phone book and Yellow pages, so you can contact local businesses after your move.
  • Notify City Moves if you have changed anything about your move; household goods (volume in/de-crease), destination, dates of move etc…
  • Make arrangements to move your plants & pets.
  • Check home owners Extra Care handling charges policies to see if your relocation Insurance will be covered.
  • Transfer Extra Care handling charge to cover Fire, theft and personal property, at your new home.

2 Weeks Before Moving

2 Weeks before your move date, the day is nearly here

  • Plan your trip to your new property, make travel arrangements (accommodation if needed), if driving check car tyres, water, oil etc…
  • Return borrowed things and collect things you’ve loaned out. Make arrangements for servicing your appliances at, both, your current and your new property.
  • Dispose of flammables such as petrol, matches, cleaning fluids/liquids, paints, bleach, pressured or aerosol cans, due to insurance purposes.
  • Discontinue regular services such as newspapers, window cleaning, garden/lawn keeping etc.
  • If you are moving your TV antenna or satellite dish please make arrangement’s to have it taken down and reinstalled at your new property.

1 Weeks Before Moving

1 Week before your move date, time to get ready

  • If you are doing your own packing, pack these items and set them aside in a designated area, ready for the relocations teams arrival.
  • Have all of your rugs and curtains taken down, cleaned and ready; protective bags or bin bags we find great for these items.
  • Start using up all of your fresh & frozen food goods, prior to move date, as fridges/freezers will need to be empty for relocation.
  • Drain the fuel from any lawn mowers, strimmer’s, chain saws etc…Ready for transport.
  • Have your move plan ready (for the relocation day) knowing where furniture is to be placed and have every ones bedrooms chosen, ready for City Moves’ relocation team to populate your new property. We find that colour coding or names on doors work very well.
  • Confirm your completion date (with your solicitors) is still valid and that your move is still confirmed for the date that you have booked, if anything has changed please call our office to keep us updated > Contact Us if you have any questions regarding the relocation now is the time to get in touch.

1 Day Before Moving

1 Day until move date, final preparations

  • Pack a box of things that you will need as soon as you arrive at your new home.Things might include non-aerosol supplies, disposable plates & cups, light tools (such as screw drivers etc…) snacks, bathroom items, bin bags and the kettle, sugar/coffee/tea. We have found that these items are the first ‘looked for’ items on arrival at your new home. Take this box with you, in your car or ask our team to pack this box on last, this ensures that it will be the first box out.
  • Notify the removals team to leave your hoover back, as this is need to do your final clean up. This is usually the day your packing service will take place (if you have opted for a packing service). Make sure that all packing services have been performed before our packing team leave your property as Day 2 would normally consist of the loading of the goods.
  • Ensure that your Fridge/Freezer are both empty, defrosted and cleaned ready to move. Please note that we are unable to move these items full.
  • Make sure that you have disconnected all appliances and have drained your washing machine ready for the move, so the excess water does not leak on any other goods, while in transit.

Moving Day

Your Moving Day, our relocations team are on their way!

  • Be on hand when the City Moves relocations team arrives and throughout the loading process. (If you can’t be there, make sure someone can to direct the movers – this will be at your own responsibility)
  • Make sure the driver has in writing the name and phone number of that person. Accompany the driver during inventory.
  • Check on the condition of your goods as they are loaded.
  • Make a final tour of your home.
  • See that nothing is overlooked.
  • Sign the bill of lading (if applicable) and make sure your new address and phone number are correct.

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