Feeling Stressed about Vehicle Transportation? We Understand!

Worried about entrusting your prized vehicle to someone else?

Struggling to find a reliable and safe vehicle transportation service?

Unsure about the logistics and complexities of long-distance vehicle moves?

Frustrated with coordinating the logistics of moving multiple vehicles?

Don't want to add unnecessary miles on the clock of your beloved sports car or new dealer stock?

Have a boat, but don't have a long-distance trailer suitable for transport?

Say goodbye to these transportation pains and embrace a seamless solution with City Moves! Our professional vehicle transportation service handles your precious wheels and boats with utmost care and expertise.

Get the most premium vehicle transportation Cardiff services from City Moves and rest assured because we make sure that you are getting safe and hassle-free Cardiff vehicle transportation for your vehicle.

City Moves: Your Ultimate Transport Solution - Anything, Anywhere!

No matter the size or type, City Moves specializes in hassle-free car transportation. From zippy super minis to rugged 4X4s and spacious people carriers, we've got the expertise and care to move your vehicles safely and efficiently. Trust our reliable team to deliver your wheels to their destination with utmost precision and professionalism.

From short-wheelbase vans to rugged pickup trucks and more, City Moves is your go-to expert for stress-free light commercial vehicle transportation. No matter the size or weight, our experienced team ensures secure and efficient moves, delivering your valuable assets to their destination with care and precision.

Whether it's long-wheelbase vans or sturdy small HGVs, City Moves is the name to trust for smooth heavy commercial vehicle transportation. Our seasoned team is equipped to handle the weight and size of your valuable assets, ensuring secure and efficient moves.

City Moves is your trusted partner for seamless boat transportation, catering to all classes - Class A (under 16ft), Class 1 (16ft to 26ft), Class 2 (26ft - 40ft), and Class 3 (40ft - 65ft). Our experienced team handles boats of all sizes with the utmost care, ensuring safe and secure transportation.

City Moves is your trusted partner for the seamless transportation of a wide range of aerial assets. From Group 1 aeroplanes with wingspans less than 49ft to Micro (100-150 class), Small (200-300 class), and Medium (350-450 class) helicopters, our experienced team ensures safe and efficient moves.

City Moves is your ultimate partner for hassle-free transportation of your prized motorbikes, rugged ATVs, adrenaline-pumping off-road buggies, and thrilling jet skis. No matter your adventure vehicle, our experienced team ensures safe and efficient moves.

Smooth Vehicle Transportation in 4 Simple Steps


Virtual Vehicle Assessment

Save time and travel with our convenient video call assessments, ensuring a seamless process without the need for unnecessary trips.


On-site Vehicle Inspection

For more extensive or specialized moves, we can arrange in-person inspections to cover all the details.


Ready, Set, Transport!

Opt for our comprehensive vehicle transport services or choose to handle the logistics with our top-quality materials for DIY moves.


The Journey Begins

Relax knowing your vehicles are in capable hands. Count on courteous, professional, and attentive service when the big transportation day arrives.

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Ma'afu Fia

Swansea Ospreys @sm_fia

City Moves would like thank Mr Ma'afu Fia for his repeat business, always a pleasure to assist such a gentleman and his lovely family, always a very welcomed customer with City Moves. He was also kind enough to record a short video for us, available on our Facebook page.

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The entire City Moves Team would like to thank Mr James Hook for taking the time to record us a quick video expressing how happy he was with our recent service. A true gentleman and always a very welcomed customer with City Moves.

Martin Olsson

Swansea City FC & Swedish International

Great service and a smooth moving experience. Big thank you to the guys at City Moves for the great service.

Don't Gamble with Vehicle Transport

Let's face it, vehicle transportation can be a nerve-wracking experience - coordinating logistics, ensuring secure handling, and facing the unknowns of long-distance moves. The worries can be overwhelming and leave you feeling stressed out!

Let Your Ride, Ride In Style

Relax! At City Moves, we understand your fears. Our expert team handles the challenges of vehicle transportation for you. With meticulous care and top-quality resources, we ensure your prized vehicles reach their destination safely and securely. Say goodbye to transportation stress and get a free quote today!