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Virtual Home Survey

Experience the convenience of our video call surveys, saving you precious time and eliminating unnecessary travel.


On-site Home Assessment

For larger or more complex moves, we can arrange in-person visits to ensure every detail is accounted for.


Ready, Set, Pack!

Choose from our comprehensive full or part-packing services, and access top-quality cartons and packing materials if you prefer the DIY route.


The Big Move Day

Rest easy knowing you're in good hands. Expect nothing less than courteous, professional, and attentive service when the big day arrives.

Experiencing Seamless Home Removals Near Me: Discover the Mastery of City Moves

Seeking a dependable removal company near you? Look no further than City Moves! With our expert team and local expertise, we ensure a seamless and stress-free relocation experience. From packing to transportation, we handle it all with care and precision. Get in touch today for a free quote and let us take the hassle out of your move!

Home removals near me
Home removals

Services Crafted for Satisfaction: From Local to International Moving Services

Whether your compass points to a locale within the pristine landscapes of South Wales or to distant shores in Canada, Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand, we ensure your belongings traverse with utmost care. Our international removal services are a melody of efficiency and reliability, a concerto orchestrated to ensure your transition is harmonious and devoid of discord.

We extend our dexterity in moving to the commercial domain, offering office removal services that are a blend of meticulous planning and execution.

  • Harmonising Business Moving Services: Where Precision Meets Expertise - In the digital era, the exigency for vehicle transportation and IT relocation is also met with adept solutions, ensuring the heartbeat of your business remains uninterrupted during the transition.

  • A Safe Haven for Your Belongings: Flexible Storage Solutions - Often, moving entails a period where your belongings require a haven. Our storage solutions are designed to provide that secure refuge, ensuring peace of mind as you navigate through the other facets of relocation.

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Discovering the Pinnacle of 'Home Removals Near Me

In a crowded field of removal firms, City Moves stands out as the embodiment of quality, defined by our longstanding history in the removals industry. 

Your quest for flawless ‘home removals near me’ culminates at City Moves, where every service is a pledge of quality, underscored by accreditation's that echo our proficiency and commitment towards excellent service delivery. With a rich tapestry of services including packing, secure storage, transit insurance, home set up, and much more, your journey from the old to the new is a narrative of ease and satisfaction.

Every venture is shepherded by a personal move manager, an emissary of our commitment to making your move seamless and stress-free. Our practice of assigning a personal move manager resonates with the essence of reliability and tailored solutions, the hallmarks of a premium service.

City Move Service

Ma'afu Fia

Swansea Ospreys @sm_fia

City Moves would like thank Mr Ma'afu Fia for his repeat business, always a pleasure to assist such a gentleman and his lovely family, always a very welcomed customer with City Moves. He was also kind enough to record a short video for us, available on our Facebook page.

James Hook

Swansea Ospreys @hookjameshook

The entire City Moves Team would like to thank Mr James Hook for taking the time to record us a quick video expressing how happy he was with our recent service. A true gentleman and always a very welcomed customer with City Moves.

Martin Olsson

Swansea City FC & Swedish International

Great service and a smooth moving experience. Big thank you to the guys at City Moves for the great service.

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